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Advanced video Camera Detector VCD-43

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To detect even very small video cameras, move up to the VCD-43. This unit features a five-step solid-state meter that can help you zero in on those hidden video cameras.
Part Number: 200151708VCD43
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The sensitive external antenna is specially designed to pick up the horizontal oscillator frequency radiated by video cameras. Once the video camera is detected, its location can be quickly determined by using the five-step LED meter and Sensitivity control. Tests with various cameras show a detection range of 2 to 15 feet, depending on the type of camera. The unit can be factory tuned to frequencies other than the NTSC standard; such as PAL and SECAM. For special tuning, please specify when ordering. The VCD-43 has a rugged aluminum housing, measures 4.25" x 2.25" x1.25", weighs 10 oz., and is furnished with two 9 volt batteries, plug-in antenna and illustrated instructions.