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Night Vision DVD Player with removable storage and Recording Schedules
Part Number: DVDPLY
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  • The Brand New Bush Baby TV DVD Player is the perfect item to monitor your home. Built right in to a fully functioning DVD player, the hidden pinhole camera is ready to covertly capture everything it sees with its wide angle lens and night vision capabilities.
  • This is also our easiest to use Bush Baby product. Simply insert an SD card, plug it in, and youre already recording motion activated video! The on screen menu system makes it easy to adjust all your parameters such as recording length, time and date, and recording schedule. Resolution, quality, and frame rate settings even allow you to adapt the camera to your needs, giving you the option to store many more hours of video on a single SD card.
  • With the included connection cables, you can even review your video files right on the device without the need for a computer.