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BB2 DVD Cover 10

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DVD Case with random Cover; Motion Detection; Color Video; Personalized
Part Number: DVDC10
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  • Home surveillance is a top priority for anyone. Whether you are gone just for one day at work or a few weeks on vacation, you want to make sure your home is being watched. Your neighborhood may even be facing a string of break-ins and you want an eye on your home at all times. After all, it is much easier to catch a thief when you know what they look like. Dont let your home and all your possessions go unwatched for another day and get the BB2BlueRay. It fits in perfectly with modern living rooms and HDTV set-ups. Its built in camera on the side of the case is positioned so that this ordinary looking object can be hidden almost imperceptibly in an entertainment room or bedroom which makes it perfect for a nanny cam or extra home security. The camera has high resolution audio, full color VGA quality video, and full motion detection.