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BB2 Wall Freshene rStone-90hr

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Continuous recording; Motion detection; Photography mode
Part Number: WFRSS90
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  • The IP Cam Pro is an impressive device certain to meet your most stringent surveillance demands. IP cameras send and recieve data through a network or the Internet much like web cams. Its perfect for locations like retail outlets, coorporations, and government buildings with several entrances and a lot of foot traffic.
  • Monitor up 36 channels. Keep your eye on to up to 36 spaces. Thats a lot to watch but the software also supports up to four users viewing the footage simultaneously. You can set an alarm to automatically upload photos via FTP or email.
  • Easy to use. Your camera should be up and ready to film after a short set up process on any PC or smart phone device. The software supports multiple browsers (e.g. IE Firefox Chrome) and even mobile devices such as Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and iPhones.
  • Precision control. Send commands remotely to the camera to pan tilt and digital zoom to get a closer look at the action or adjust the brightness and contrast. Night vision sees up to 33 feet.
  • Nightvision. This IP camera comes with infrared LEDs that allow you to see whats going on even during the darkest of times.