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BBIP2 Docking Station 5

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Docking staion with IP camera
Part Number: BBIPDOCK
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  • The Brand New Bush Baby IP 2 iPod Docking Station is the newest upgrade to our line of custom made hidden camera products! This is a functioning iPod dock and clock radio, making onlookers completely unaware of the camera hidden within. You can monitor your home live 24/7 with remote viewing from any PC or mobile phone via an IP address. The resolution is adjustable up to a fantastic 1280 x 720p HD at up to 30 fps.
  • Also there is no need to worry about battery life since it uses AC power. The onboard SD card slot also means you do not need a computer constantly running in order to record video. Best of all, this IP camera software supports up to 64 cameras and 10 simultaneous users, so everyone that needs to can see everything, everywhere.