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Used by law enforcement, secret shoppers & OGA color recording, video only compatible with most DVRs
Part Number: BC420A
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  • Button cameras are hidden camera designed to look like a shirt accessory or button. They are a popular choice for covert recording because they are so easy to hide on your person. This lens easily replaces the normal button of a dinner or sport jacket.
  • Our upgraded version of the BC420 now comes with a small discreet microphone.
  • Professional grade. Auto electronic shutter reduces glare by dynamically adjusting the amount of light available based on the brightness or darkness of the surroundings. White balance fixes color by ensuring white objects render white. 420 lines of resolution display clearly on a television.
  • Flexible. Older versions use glued-on buttons which limit your placement options. This lens is threaded, allowing you to adapt it to what youre wearing.
  • Record superb high-resolution images and video. The high-quality CCD image sensor connects with one plug directly to a DVR and record.
  • Our professional customers love this product. It is a favorite for law enforcement, private investigation, secret shoppers, and the Office of the General Assembly. Its been used in radio-controlled toy cars and professional car drivers.