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Building Design and Construction Hazards, Second Edition

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The role of the engineer either as a designer or construction manager generally provides the best opportunity to identify the hazards that cause injury or damage.

Part of this task includes ensuring for design features and modifications that will minimize hazardous conditions during construction and life of the structure. Identifying the hazards that most commonly endanger the users during the life cycle of the building facility is the primary objective of this book. This objective is accomplished by instructing the engineer how to sidestep these hazards at the time of design and construction. This book delves into the cause of many hazards common to construction, including fire, maintenance, mold, structural failure, and operational conditions and details ways to minimize or avoid these conditions, reducing the possibility of injury and damage.

Comprehensively organized from the ground up , this book covers all phases of any major building project. Part One addresses the concepts of hazard, liability, and ways system safety engineering works to overcome human error. Part Two covers possible hazards encountered in both interior and exterior construction plans and offers ways to eliminate them before any construction begins. Part Three covers safe construction techniques to minimize unavoidable hazards, while Part Four extends into the post-construction life of the building and outlines optimal safe practices for the user/occupant.