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Burns-The Medical and Forensic Model 1st Edition

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The totality of burn injury personal and economic is enormous. From a neighborhood house fire to the collapse of the Twin Towers, burn injuries have continued to affect society especially burn victims and their families. For the medical, forensic and legal professions, burn care continues to be viewed by many as part science and part myth. The medical science of burn treatment and rehabilitation has progressed rapidly, dispelling many of the myths, and the legal issues have changed as well. This book provides a rapid, concise treatise on the ramifications of burn injury from electrical injury to thermal and blast injury. Forensic considerations are presented consistently throughout the text, both in the medical and forensic sections. The medical sections provide essential information on many facets of burn injury and care, including burn characteristics, evaluation and treatment including pre hospitalization care, critical care, and rehabilitation, toxicology and physiology, hidden toxic dangers, and planning for disasters where there are many people injured, including building explosions and terrorist attacks. The forensic sections cover diverse topics such as fire and arson investigation, identification of burn victims, fire death investigation and advanced forensic considerations in electrothermal burns. This book is essential for anyone in the legal, law enforcement, and/or health care professions, involved with burn cases.Topics Include: Characteristics of skin burns Pre-hospital evaluation and treatment Emergency department management Critical care for severe burn injuries Rehabilitation Burn care planning for major disasters including building explosions and terrorist attacks Fire and arson investigation Victim identification Fire death investigation Interaction of toxicology and physiology Hidden toxic dangers Advanced forensic considerations in electrothermal burns

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