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Motion activated HD camstick
Part Number: CAMSHD
Availability: In Stock
  • The CamStickU7HD is a completely updated design of one of our hottest selling items! This is this first HD camstick to offer not only motion detection, it can even record while plugged in to a computer or AC adapter. Support for 128GB microSD cards also means you can store hours nad hours of high quality footage.
  • Simple to use. The CamStickU7HD is easy to use with its single switch and 2 possible modes, you can quickly start a recording in almost any situation.
  • Lengthy recording time and standby battery life. Unlike most camsticks, the motion detection will extend the battery life without the added bulk of a PIR sensor. At up to 4 hours on internal power and up to 10 hours using the included battery pack, youre sure to have enough power to get what you need. The ability to record while plugged in means you wont have to even worry about battery life!