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CD B200

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Simple one-touch operation,Clearly identifies cellphone usage,Help prevent eavesdropping,Short detection range means no background interference
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  • The brand new CDB200Smartphone Bug Detector is not only extremely easy to use, it is also portable enough to take with you everywhere. Simply turn it on and place by a cellphone, and the CDB200 will let you know exactly when your phone is transmitting anything. Modern hackers and their spyware can covertly turn on a phones microphone and listen in at any time, but with the CDB200, you can monitor this sort of activity anywhere, anytime!
  • The CDCellDetectorPro is built for todays secure offices and buildings. Whether you need a way to control an office with sensitive materials or secure facilities and environments such as standardized testing rooms, this device is perfect. Featuring five specific cellphone frequency band antennas and multiple notifications of cellphone usage, this device is perfect for detecting everything.