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CD LM 10

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Telescoping antenna,10 LED Bar line detection display,High and low sensitivity,
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  • Are you worried about privacy in your home, office, bedroom, or bathroom? Youve seen the hidden cameras and wireless taps on our site, but you want to ensure they arent tracking you.
  • Check your home or office for hidden cameras and wireless devices. Wireless transmitters vary in signal strength. Some are designed to transmit as far as three miles away while others can only be received one room away. In this case, the detector will need to be extra sensitive, and the user will need to be nearly on top of the device. However, if the detector is too sensitive it will give false alarms and waste the time of the user.
  • Simple sensitivity adjustment. This easy-to-use device has two sensitivity settings: high and low. Use the high setting for general sweeps, and use the low setting to hone in on any suspect areas. Eliminate guessing background by using precision adjustments.
  • Covert and easy to use. This device begins instantly scanning when you turn it on. You can easily adjust the sensitivity, vibration, and lens detector LEDs. Operate in complete secrecy by using its silent vibrating mode. Slightly smaller than an adult human hand, and sporting a telescoping antenna, you can store it discretely on your person until needed.
  • This device includes 2 AAA batteries.