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Finds both wired and wireless cameras; Lightweight and portable wide frequency detection; From 1mhz to 6500mhz beep
Part Number: CDRFLD
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  • Our first instinct when we think of surveillance is the desire to spy on other people, but we dont always consider the idea that someone else might be watching us. Whether you are at home, at work, or even in your own car there might be a surveillance device watching and listening to you right now.
  • Wouldnt you like to find these covert devices and put a stop to their prying eyes? The Economy Bug Detector with RF and Lens Finder is the counter surveillance device for you! This unit detects frequencies from 50MHz to 6.0GHz.
  • With this model you can choose between using RF detection and using the lens finder. By simply looking through the red lens you can see the transmission light from any hidden camera. It even has a built-in sensitivity adjustment allowing you to detect both strong and weak signal strengths.
  • Scanning is even automatic one you turn on the detector! With the vibration mode or by using the included earphones those around you wont be able to hear the detection alarm while you are on the hunt. The internal Li-Ion battery allows up to 6 hours of lens detection or 15 hours of RF detection.
  • So next time you have the sneaking suspicion that someone is watching you let the economy bug detector find all those spy bugs for you.