1. CG1000 Pro Spy Camera Glasses -1080P-32 GB

CG1000 Pro Spy Camera Glasses -1080P-32 GB

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Professional Grade Spy Glasses, Interchangeable Batteries (2 Included), HD 1080p 30fps Video Quality
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The CG1000 is the only spy camera glasses on the market that that feature an interchangeable battery system. The glasses arm is removable and has a built-in lithium ion battery.   (two batteries/arms are included with your purchase - additional batteries can be purchased). The battery lasts for about 60 minutes of recording; when the battery runs out simply plug in another battery to continue recording.

They offer clear 1080P HD video while still being amazingly discreet and low-profile. The actual camera portion of the glasses (located between the lenses) is nearly undetectable.