1. CG1000 Professional Spy Camera Glasses 1080P-16GB

CG1000 Professional Spy Camera Glasses 1080P-16GB

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RecorderGear CG1000 Professional Spy Camera Glasses 1080P
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  • The CG1000 is the only spy camera glasses on the market that that feature an interchangeable battery system. The glasses arm is removable and has a built-in lithium ion battery; two batteries/arms are included with your purchase (additional batteries can be purchased). The battery lasts for about 60 minutes of recording; when the battery runs out simply plug in another battery to continue recording.

    They offer clear 1080P HD video while still being amazingly discreet and low-profile. The actual camera portion of the glasses (located between the lenses) is nearly undetectable. 

    Additional Resources

    Instruction Manual (PDF)

    Key Features

    High Definition HD Video Quality
    Shoots clear 1080p video at 30fps.

    Replaceable Battery
    The CG1000 has an excellent battery life of about 60 minutes per battery. The CG1000 includes two replaceable batteries so that you can easily increase your recording time by 100%. Additional batteries can be purchased.

    Covert Light Setting
    The indicator light lets you know recording has begun but then turns off for the remainder of recording. The light is located on the inside of the frame so that others do not see.

    Built in Memory Storage
    Store hours of captured video on the built-in memory.

    Time/Date Stamp
    The time/date will appear on your videos so you can keep track of when your recordings took place.

    Fashionable and Attractive
    The CG1000 is not only amazingly functional, they are also an extremely good looking set of glasses.

    Integrated Lithium-Ion Battery
    Fueled by a rechargeable and interchangeable battery that can be charged via USB, the CG1000 delivers about 60 minutes of battery life per charge.

    Plug & Play Simplicity
    Fully compatible with Windows and Mac. simply plug it into your USB port and you re ready to roll.