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Cam Stick NV

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Portable and easy to use. The flash drive needs no cables or batteries. Recording is as simple as a touch of the button
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  • You suspect there is some shady business going on at work, but you need proof before you can bring your suspicions to anyones attention. You need professional-grade equipment that works at a novice level. You need something that will serve multiple functions, performs exceptionally, and is easy to use.
  • The CamStickNV is the covert device for you! This palm-sized covert device can rest in your pocket or sit on your work desk without ever raising suspicion. You can take photographs, record video manually with single push of a button, and record night vision videos. This is also a functional flash drive, so you can use it to store your work files (be aware that videos and standard files use the same storage on this device).
  • The CamStickNV uses MicroSD cards⠬ size 2GB up to 16GB⠬ for storage, for a maximum allows up to 8 hours of storage. All videos are 1280
  • 960 resolution and photographs are 2560
  • 1920 resolution. This device has a battery life of 1.5 hours. When you need to covertly record footage, or take photos of suspicious activities, use the night vision CamStick.