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Combat Focus Shooting: Intuitive Shooting Fundamentals

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Praised by experts and students alike for his practical approach to intuitive shooting techniques, Pincus has brought his program into a skillfully written dialogue featuring sections including: Working with what the body does naturally, Background and Philosophy of Combat Focus Shooting, Combat (or Defensive) Accuracy, Combat Focus Range Drills, The Critical Incident Reload, Volume of Fire, and The Balance of Speed and Precision. Pincus book covers the content and underlying principles of the revolutionary Combat FocusTM Shooting Course in their entirety. Combat FocusTM Shooting is the intuitive shooting program that is designed to work with what the body and mind do naturally during a dynamic critical incident. This program helps the shooter to learn the Balance Between Speed & Precision and use either sighted or unsighted fire as appropriate to get combat-accurate hits efficiently during a lethal force encounter. Pincus' Combat Focus Shooting program has been incorporated into law enforcement and military training programs across the country and has been taught to security and police officers, military special operations personnel and instructors from around the world. In addition to these armed professionals, hundreds of self-defense students and beginner shooters are taught how to be safer through more efficient shooting in the Combat Focus courses every year, both at Valhalla Training Center and other locations.