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Commercial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Investigation

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Is it safe to drive with these large trucks? What happens when the small car in front of the commercial vehicle slams on its brakes? Reconstructing commercial vehicle accidents is a complex task that is often misunderstood or misinterpreted. Frequently, mistakes are made in determining the vehicle's ability to brake efficiently, the engine speeds and the loading condition. This reference book identifies the proper techniques you should use in order to correctly assess a commercial vehicle accident scene.

The authors of this text discuss in great detail the unique aspects of commercial vehicle operation, performance and regulations. Chapters are dedicated to the various operating systems of these vehicles such as the electrical systems, tires, steering, suspension and much more. You will also learn about the human factors in commercial vehicle operations and accidents. The drivers of these trucks must drive at 100 percent of their ability in all situations and must meet certain requirements before they are allowed behind the wheel. Even so, accidents do occur and are sometimes caused by the driver's response.

If you are interested in reconstructing or investigating commercial vehicle accidents, or if you are already involved in this but would like a better understanding of the issues, this book will prove to be valuable tool.

Topics include:
Types of carriers
Driver responsibilities
Driver's record of duty status
Electrical systems
Wheels, rims and tires
Human factors
Air brakes, hydraulic brakes and electrical brakes
Commercial vehicle rollover
Roadway evidence and vehicle evidence
Onboard computers
Speed formulas