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Community Policing and Problem Solving (5th Edition)

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This book is about policing at its most important and challenging levels in neighborhoods and in communities across the nation and abroad. Unique in perspective, its focus is on community policing and problem solving and the processes that are being implemented under COPPS to control and prevent crime, disorder and fear. Extremely applied, this book focuses on daily processes and tactics and how and why agencies are revolutionizing their traditional philosophy and operations. This fifth edition provides updated information on crime in the United States, more emphasis on terrorism and homeland defense, and a new chapter on information technology. Authoritative and practical perspectivecombines the classroom expertise of a seasoned criminal justice educator with the practical experience of an executive level police administrator. Community-oriented policing and problem solving (COPPS) focus provides a comprehensive view of how agencies are changing their management style, organizational structures, and operational strategies to attack crime, disorder and fear. Includes topics such as computer-aided dispatch, mobile computing, records management, geomapping, CompStat, global positioning systems, use of the Internet, and surveys. Police practictioners with a fundamental knowledge of police history or operations or those working in a government agency outside policing and are interested in learning about community policing and problem solving.