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Drive Proof Car Camera (Touch Screen)

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The most advanced Drive Proof Car Camera yet, the HDH-4000C offers HD resolution out of both the front and rear camera, complete with a touch screen video display. From 720P resolution, live in car playback, and a wired internal camera that can be mounted in just about any location within the vehicle, nothing says vehicle security quite like the HDH-4000C.
Part Number: HDH4000C
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Nothing Mobilizes Vehicle Security like The Drive Proof Dual HD Touch Car Camera System.
  • Dual HD cameras record interior and exterior mobile surveillance
  • Navigate and control your vehicle surveillance system using the touch screen LCD monitor
  • Internal microphone enables live in car audio recording
  • Motion and G-Force activated recording
  • Easy to install adhesive mount provide stable recording conditions
  • Memory card provides removable and transferable storage
  • Playback software allows users to view captured video, audio, and driving history on their PC
  • Vehicle powered car camera system
  • Pre-event recording captures cause and effect evidence
  • Optional GPS Antenna: track vehicle travel and driver behavior
  • Best uses: teenage driving behavior, transportation companies, accident evidence and more