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Druid Noise Generator

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Conceptually unique, the Druid succeeds where complicated eavesdrop countering devices fail. The NG5000 eliminates the expensive bug sweeping services; it eliminates complicated installation of sound masking systems, and provides the sanctity needed for your most confidential boardroom conversations.
Part Number: NG5000
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Professional system for protecting speech between up to 6 persons
  • Protects against all known methods of listening, including all types of radio microphones, stethoscopes, voice recorders, passive resonators, wired microphones, etc.
  • The system uses usual multimedia headsets. 4 headsets PLANTRONICS AUDIO 355 included in the standard set
  • Absolutely harmless to your health: no microwave reflections or ultrahigh sound noise
  • Compared to a white-noise generator the DRUID provides a much higher level of protection.
  • The system is portable: supplied in a plastic carry-case it can be easily prepared for use.
  • Powered from an internal rechargeable battery the DRUID D-06 can work for up to 4 hours without mains supply
  • The system can be used in any situation, it is especially valuable when conducting highly important negotiations in an unknown environment

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