1. FD50 USB Drive Voice Recorder (Voice Activation + Continuous)

FD50 USB Drive Voice Recorder (Voice Activation + Continuous)

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Our best flash drive recorder just got better! The new FD50 (MQ-U350) is an upgraded version of our popular FD40 recorder. New features include the following: upgraded body style, double the memory, 24hr continuous record (vs 15hr), and time/date stamp (windows only). It s the most powerful and feature packed flash drive voice recorder on the market.

The FD50 has all the capabilities of our entire flash drive recording products combined into one. Easily switch between voice activation and continuous recording modes with a flip of the switch. In addition to the INCREDIBLE 25 day standby battery life in voice activation mode, it can record while plugged in giving you virtually unlimited battery life.

Not only can it record audio, it also functions as an ordinary flash drive and can store other files/documents. When you are ready to listen to what you have recorded, simply plug it in to MAC or Windows computer to instantly view/listen to the files.

Additional Resources

Instruction Manual (PDF)

Key Features

Voice Activation & Continuous Recording Mode Switch
Set to record only when audio is detected; the battery will last up to 25-DAYS. In continuous record mode your battery will last up to 24-hours.

Time/Date Stamp (windows only)
Comes with software program to set time/date on your recordings so you know when each one took place.

Records While Plugged In + 25 day Battery standby Time
Use the built-in battery as your power source or plug into any USB power source for unlimited recording power.

New Sleeker Design
Looks like an ordinary flash drive with an upgraded sleeker appearance.

288hr Audio Capacity
No need to worry about running out of space, this recorder can hold days of audio!

8GB Memory
Double the memory as our previous version, store any file you want!

HD Audio Quality
Files are recorded in MP3 format and can be played back in any audio program including iTunes or Windows Media Player.

MAC & Windows
Works on any MAC or Windows computer. Just plug it in and it functions as a USB storage device.