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Fraud: The Secret Files of America's #1 Investigator Paperback

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SCHEMES, Scams, Shams, and FlimFlams. Now you won t have to wait for the TV series to hit HBO. Here s a fascinating often times hilarious compilation of insurance fraud cases, some so outrageous, so utterly bizarre and crazy, you ll have a hard time believing them. But it s all true direct from the private, confidential files of the nation s top investigator. It s the best of the best cases Delaney has handled. There isn t a scheme, scam, sham, or flimflam that the author hasn t dealt with over his thirty-plus year career of both investigating insurance claims and advising on settlements. But through it all, Delaney s reputation for scrupulous honesty and fairness has won him the trust (and accolades) of everyone: insurers, claimants, and the courts. Here is an insider s account you won t want to miss.