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HC Newsboy Hat

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Newsboy hat hidden camera with microSD memory
Part Number: HCNHAT
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  • Are you a hat aficionado needing a covert camera and dont want to be stuck with the generic baseball hats? Look no further! This HCNewsboyHat is both stylish and functional, allowing you to covertly record your surroundings while still looking smooth.
  • Wireless Remote Control. This ordinary cap has been converted to include a miniature DVR that allows hands-free recording. Thanks to the wireless remote control, youll be able to keep your cool in the field knowing you wont have to touch the hat and tip people off that its anything more than a hat.
  • External Memory. Dont worry about being limited by internal, non-expandable storage anymore, the HCNewsboyHat uses external microSD cards for storage, meaning your storage can go all the way up to 32 GB. If you dont already have your own microSD card though, not to fret, this hat comes with a free 8 GB card!
  • Quality 1280x720p Resolution. Even though the DVR itself is miniature, your resolution wont be! The little DVR inside this hat is capable of recording approximately 90 minutes of quality 1280x720p video. Transferring files is a breeze with the included USB cable. You can even transfer some music from your computer to the hats DVR in case you get bored on your covert missions, which you can listen to with the included earphones.