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Handheld DVR with Screen Button Camera Kit

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This LawMate DVR and camera are the perfect combo for the casual user. Easy plug and play mobility on the camera and standard or motion activated recording modes featured on the DVR make the DVR5091 a go-to choice for the DIY DVR enthusiast
Part Number: DVR5091
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A perfect pairing for any beginner, with the button camera perfectly disguised.
  • Hand Held DVR
  • The perfect entry-level LawMate DVR
  • Small & lightweight with D1 video quality
  • With 3Â touch screen operation
  • Supports LawMate CMOS and CCD analogue cameras
  • Diverse recording mode: Standard/Motion
  • Able to photo capture on preview & video playback
  • Date & time stamp on video
  • Mini USB connection, SD card storage
Button Camera
  • High performance resolution at 550 TV Lines
  • Miniature size
  • Low 0.2 Lux allows day and night recording
  • Efficient in a variety of covert uses