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How To Start A Successful Mystery Shopping Business

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Be your own boss in a lucrative business that is in high demand. Discover how you too can GET PAID to shop, eat out, take luxury vacations, go to movies, and do all sort of other fun things as the owner of your own Mystery Shopping Business! There are numerous books that will teach you how to become a mystery shopper. This book will show you How To Start A Successful Mystery Shopping Business! Why settle for earning small fees working as a mystery shopper for another company, when you can easily start your own company using the instructions in this book to earn thousands of dollars in fees? You will learn, among may subjects: How to get experience as a mystery shopper; How to set up your mystery shopping company; How to get clients; What to charge (with sample contracts); How to recruit other shoppers to complete assignments for you; Report back to your clients (sample reports are included); How to operate your business from day-to-day; On-site mystery shopping; Telephone mystery shopping; Reward and reveal shops; Mystery shopping competitors; Competitor price surveys; Refund and complaint shops; Promotion surveys; Focus groups; Mock trials; Exit surveys; Compliance shops; Taste tests; In-store demonstrations; Audits; Video mystery shops; Honesty integrity shops; Undercover operations; Sample banks and financial institutions shopping assignments; Apartment mystery shops; Restaurant mystery shopping; Auto sales mystery shops; Golf course mystery shops; Movie theater shops; Wireless phone shops; Grocery store shops; Convenience store shops; Healthcare mystery shopping; Hotel mystery shopping Casino shops; Cruise line shops; Marketing your mystery shopping service; and much, much more! Make excellent money fast and easy in an exciting new career as the owner of your own successful mystery shopping business!