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How to Start Your Own Process Serving Business

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How To Start Your Own Process Serving Business
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This book provides you with specific and detailed step-by-step guidelines which will take you through the entire process from starting a process serving business - licensing (if required), understanding process serving laws and rules, locating your subject for service, especially those who attempt to evade service, completing those difficult serves, and what to do after the service is completed. It also shows you how to obtain clients, run your business, how to market your business, and much, much more. Includes sample Forms and Affidavits. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Why is Service of Process Necessary? Who Can Serve Due Process? CHAPTER 2 How Is a Civil Case Processed? CHAPTER 3 How Do You Serve Due Process? CHAPTER 4 How to Serve Legal Documents CHAPTER 5 Service Requirements as to Particular Types of Actions CHAPTER 6 Attempts to Evade Service and Useful Tricks to Complete Service CHAPTER 7 SKIP TRACING CHAPTER 8 Surveillance CHAPTER 9 Giving Testimony CHAPTER 10 Setting Up Your Process Serving Business APPENDIX A State-by-State Process Server Licensing Requirements and Rules APPENDIX B Glossary of Process Serving Terms APPENDIX C Sample Affidavits of Service from Different Jurisdictions APPENDIX D Sample Forms CLOSING I personally autograph each book.