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Inside the Private Eyes of a PI Paperback 2007

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One of America's top private detectives gives a behind the scenes look into high profile cases and others...Chapters include a look into the Michael Skakel and Jayson Williams cases, the investigation of a corrupt priest, and a look into missing honeymooner, George Smith case. There's also a funny chapter on Vito's first meeting with pop singer Michael Bolton. Other chapters give an indepth look into divorce, missing persons, surveillance, tools of the trade etc.. Vito also provides a look into his TV appearances on news shows including: Glenn Beck, Star Jones Nancy Grace, Larry King Live, MSNBC and Fox News. Blurbs from back cover: ...There's a reason why Vito Colucci consistently gets hired on some of the highest profile cases in the country. He's great at what he does and always uncovers new leads. He is also superb at explaining any crime case, which is why I always enjoy having him on my TV shows, to give perspective and provide angles often other seasoned investigators simply miss. There is no one better than Vito Colucci.... Rita Cosby: TV Host and Author of Blond Ambition. ...No matter what business you've chosen, there may come a time when you need an expert to get answers and handle unusual situations, professionally, confidentially and precisely. When that time comes, Vito Colucci is the man... Michael Bolton /Singer/songwriter I have known Vito for most of my life and he has always amazed me with his desire to do the right thing. I am sure he will continue to help people to get to the bottom of things, and I can only thank him for the charitable work he has done for me and others in the past....Bobby Valentine / Former Manager NY Mets Vito is a real life blend of Columbo, Kojak and Serpico. He is relentless yet tactful in getting the real story for his clients. Clearly, he is the "go to guy" for the big case and the not so big case....Mickey Sherman / Criminal Defense Attorney & CBS Legal Analyst.