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International Handbook of Criminology 1st Edition

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A substantive guide to state of the art research and theory, the International Handbook of Criminology completes an esteemed trilogy of comparative analyses and insight from worldwide experts. Exploring a phenomenon that penetrates cultures of all racial, ethnic, and social classes, this volume continues in the tradition of its predecessors in the series by updating research on longstanding issues and offering perspectives into new problems and trends.

Topics in this volume include:

  • the etiology of crime
  • historical antecedents of contemporary responses to crime
  • life course criminology
  • the basis for comparative research in criminal justice
  • sources and strategies for knowledge acquisition in criminology
  • specific forms of crime and criminal behavior, including environmental, sex-related, and financial
  • responses to crime, including technological, societal, and policy-related
  • crime issues related to social divisions.
  • Assembling the works of leading criminologists in Europe, the Americas, the Pacific, the Mediterranean, and Australasia, this volume reflects the need for a re-evaluation of the field of criminology in response to the changing theoretical framework that has occurred in recent years. In doing so, it further elevates the level of discourse and sets the stage for innovative research projects and solutions.