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Introduction to Security, Sixth Edition 6th Edition

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This sixth edition of Introduction to Security upholds the book's tradition of informing readers of contemporary security issues from security equipment and procedures to management and loss prevention theory. This new edition has been updated with the most current information available in the constantly changing security field. Introduction to Security, Sixth Edition introduces readers to the options used to deal with a variety of today's security dilemmas. Two important new chapters on workplace violence and drugs in the workplace have been added. Each chapter is followed up with essay and short-answer questions to challenge readers. This book continues to provide the most comprehensive coverage of security issues for the novice, while providing enough detail that experienced security managers will learn about current issues and changes in the profession.

Robert J. Fischer is a professor and Chairman of the Law Enforcement Administration Department at Western Illinois University, where he administers a program with more than 1000 undergraduate and 150 graduate students. He earned his Ph.D. in education administration from Southern Illinois University in 1981. Dr. Fischer has served as a consultant to many organizations, including publishers, private security firms, and retailers, and as a contract consultant on police training issues for the Illinois Local Government Police Training Board since 1989. Dr. Fischer is a member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, The Illinois Association of Criminal Justice Educators, and the American Society for Industrial Security. 

*Retains the exceptional organization and coverage of the previous editions
*New chapter on Workplace Violence
*New chapter on Drugs in the Workplace