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KC 1080 NV

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In addition to its fantastic camera, this model includes night vision IR emitters, so you can record any time, day or night.
Part Number: KC1080
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  • Have you ever been in a collision accident and needed visual evidence of the damage for the insurance claim? You know with confidence that you are a good driver, but you cant say the same about everyone else on the road. Smartphones have made it easier for us to record video and take pictures these days, but they could easily be destroyed in the impact. Dont be caught without a way to record that damage to your vehicle. The night vision keychain is a quick and easy solution to this dilemma! With a single push of a button you can take photographs or video.
  • This keychain isnt just for drivers. Keep an eye on your family with this inconspicuous device. Parents you have the sinking feeling that your kids are taking the car without your permission after dark and breaking curfew. This device is perfect for catching your kids after everyone has gone to bed since it features night vision! Your kids cant escape your sight even in the dark. Hang this keychain on the hook or wherever you keep your keys then wait for your kids to pick up the keys and run out the door. The joy riders wont be able to argue with their actions captured on 90 minutes of full HD 1920
  • 1080 resolution video. All videos can be stored on a MicroSD card ranging from 2GB ⠬Š64GB. Good luck!