1. KC400 Keychain Voice Recorder

KC400 Keychain Voice Recorder

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One Touch Keychain Voice Recorder. Hooks on Keychain. High Quality Build & Finish. CD Quality Audio. Functioning Flash Drive.
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The KC400 keychain voice recorder is small, powerful, and durable. Easily attach the KC400 to your keys, backpack/purse, lanyard or whatever suits you! No confusing buttons to push or indicator lights; it operates by a simple switch. The on/off switch is integrated seamlessly into the design, simply twist the silver bottom portion to the right to start recording and twist left to stop recording.

It records in HD quality at 128kbps and in MP3 format. The high powered microphone ensures crisp clear recordings at close range or large lectures halls. It also functions as a USB flash drive; plug it directly into any MAC/Windows computer USB port to charge it, listen to recordings, or store documents.

Additional Resources

Instruction Manual (PDF)

Key Features

No Buttons or Confusing Lights
It has a sleek and professional design; no buttons, or lights.

HD Audio
Records in MP3 format at 128kbps. Playback files in any audio playback program.

USB Device
Plug it directly into any MAC/Windows computer USB port to charge it, listen to your recordings, or store other documents.

4GB Memory / 64HR Capacity
The 4GB memory holds up to 64 hours of audio; plenty of space for all your recordings.

Switch Operated
Twist the switch to the right to start recording and back to the left to stop recording.

10HR Battery
Records for 10 hours on one battery charge; plug into any USB port to re-charge it.

Mac/Windows Compatible
Works with any MAC or Windows computer; no extra software needed.