1. Lawmate HT-18 High Resolution Baseball Cap Camera

Lawmate HT-18 High Resolution Baseball Cap Camera

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High-Quality Baseball Cap Undercover Camera
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This unassuming baseball cap contains a secret pocket that hides the camera in front and a mini DVR (not included) in the Velcro Pouch in back. The DVR powers both the covert video camera and the DVR with no additional wires or battery packs, for hours of recording, creating a completely self-contained video recording system that sits right on top of your head - and under everyone's noses! Works with the PV-500, the PV-50, or the PV-1000

High-Quality One-Size-Fits-All Baseball Cap with Velcro Strap for sizing, The camera is positioned at the center of the cap; the video is recording where your eyes are pointing, so there's less need to worry about aiming, positioning, wires, or wireless connections. Choose 2, 4, or 8GB standard SD CARD depending on the recording time you need.