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Lawmate PV-AC30 Cord Cam w/ DVR

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The end of the power cord on this AC Adapter has a High Resolution Camera hidden inside, and the DVR is hidden inside the AC adapter portion and powered directly from the power plug. Such design allows easy installation and application in every day office or any room in the house. Point it wherever you need surveillance

Cord Camera with AC Adapter Features:

Camera is in the Cord (can be pointed in any direction)
Time and Date Stamping,
Fully Programmable
No need to worry about batteries
Power is drawn through the AC Adapter which plugs into any Outlet. Since the adapter portion is plugged into a standard wall outlet you never have to worry about batteries or power issues. Great for applications where flexibility of the device is a consideration.  It features a 32GB card capacity along with motion activated or continuous recording settings. This self-recording DVR comes complete with a 4GB SD card, USB cable, RCA output cable and remote control that provides greater control over resolution and motion sensitivity.

Makes a Perfect Nanny Camera!

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