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Lawmate PV-CG10 Car Charger DVR

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New! Lawmate PV-CG10 Car Charger DVR is a Full HD 1080P Mini DVR that operates automatically and functions as a charger at the same time.

The car charger DVR can be used discreetly as the recording starts automatically, at the same time you start your car, and by turning off the car engine it will automatically save the files on the SD Card. The device comes with a 16 GB, and supports up to 64 GB SD cards.

The camera lens is adjustable, and can be rotated, panned or tilted in the needed direction. Moreover, the power key, USB port and memory card slot are hidden behind a rotating hard shell that you can expose (pic. 3 above) or hide (pic.2 above) with a simple rotation.

Main Features: 

  • Full HD 1080P Car charger DVR
  • Allows you to adjust the camera lens direction by tilting / rotating the base of the DVR
  • You can choose between whether to show or hide the SD card slot / USB port / format key, by rotating the hard shell of the DVR
  • The Power Out Ports let you charge multiple devices at the same time!
  • Plug in and record! Recording starts automatically when you start the car. Once the car engine is turned off, the recording stops and the Videos are saved automatically
  • Compact and low profile design
  • Comes with 16 GB SD Card and supports up to 64 GB SD Cards

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