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Lawmate PV-LD12 Flask DVR

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Lawmate PV-LD12 Aluminum Flask and recorder

This covert camera and recording device is a new innovative product. A polished aluminium flask with a hidden recorder and a camera at the top of the device will serve well in various settings, that includes home, business or leisure environments.

Features include:

  • Nice looking brushed aluminium flask that can be used to carry liquid. (Due to sensitivity of the DVR very hot liquids should not be used with this flask while DVR is attached.)
  • A well-crafted covert DVR with a camera lens placed in a way it is hard to notice
  • HD/VGA switch to increase quality/recording time, vibration ON/OFF switch
  • HD quality sensor, the same low sensitivity sensor
  • Integrated microphone & audio recording (all LM DVRs from our web shop record audio)

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