1. Lawmate PV-MU10

Lawmate PV-MU10

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Covert audio and video DVR disguised as a computer mouse.
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Lawmate PV-MU10 audio and video DVR disguised as a computer mouse

Another innovative surveillance product from Lawmate, the idea behind the PV-MU10 is quite simple: create a device that can easily be placed in an everyday office or home environment and make it so it can record for extended period of times.

Lawmate PV-MU10 main features are:

  • Covert audio and video DVR disguised as a computer mouse
  • Captures faces clearly from across a room (720p HD)
  • Stores 20 hours of HD video (includes 16GB memory card)
  • Wireless / wired mouse modes
  • Integrated PIR sensor
  • 7-9 days standby mode
  • VGA/HD resolution recording

Feature focus:

PIR function

PV-MU10 is equipped with PIR sensor. Unlike visual motion detect function that is also used in surveillance products, PIR detection operates with much lower power consumption that in turns significantly increases battery time in stand by mode.

Wired / Wireless mouse modes

Lawmate PV-MU10 can be used as a wireless mouse which makes it easier to set up for covert recording. While in wireless mouse mode it can be placed in standby mode for 9 days, continuous recording will drain up the battery in just a couple of hours.

Alternatively PV-MU10 can be connected to a PC USB port to make it look like a regular wired mouse. In this case the PV-MU10 is powered directly from the port and is able to continuously record without battery power limitation.