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Lawmate PV-RC200HD2 Keyfob DVR

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4th generation PV-RC200 recorder is a recommended solution for anyone that wishes to covertly record audio & video evidence.

PV-RC200 HD2 A/V recorder disguised as a keyfob is one of the favorite and easiest ones to use for making a recording. Since this device offers low sensitivity to dark conditions, HD resolution and new WDR sensor, it's easier than ever to record any scenery covertly.

Records sharp and detailed videos that makes things like letters, faces from further range, documents and other information much easier to distinguish. New 4th generation PV-RC200HD2 recorder improves upon previous models on one important point - resolution, now providing Full HD (1080P) resolution

PV-RC200HD2 Main Features:

  • Full HD integrated DVR recorder
  • New 5MP camera sensor that records much crisper & generally higher quality video recording as well as snapshots
  • WDR wide dynamic range video recording
  • Integrated 650 mA high polymers battery
  • Integrated AGC microphone & audio recording

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