1. Lawmate PV-SK10FHD

Lawmate PV-SK10FHD

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Power Outlet with Hidden Camera
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Extremely covert Lawmate PV-SK10 Power Outlet w/ Hidden Camera

The Lawmate PV-SK10 Power Outlet w/ Hidden Cam is a covert security camera is hidden inside of what looks like a normal wall outlet, allowing you to place it almost anywhere. From protecting your personal belongings to watching over your loved ones, you can use the device to keep an eye on your home or office when you re not around. 

The camera can record crystal-clear video in low light conditions. Just leave a tiny light on in the room and you ll have a clear view of everything that s happening in front of the camera. The camera records full 720p video, picking up important details including faces from across the room, and features up to 5 days of battery life when you put the camera in motion activation mode. You don t have to worry about constantly recharging the camera if you ll be gone for several days at a time.


  • Perfect for home or office
  • HD Video Recording
  • Takes up to 32GB Micro SD Card (4GB Card Included)
  • Motion activated mode
  • Excellent Low Light Recording Capabilities
  • Battery life of 5 Days
  • Data and Time Stamping
  • Easily Sticks on any Wall