1. M60 Multimedia Voice Recorder Pen, 16GB

M60 Multimedia Voice Recorder Pen, 16GB

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Multimedia Voice Recorder Pen, 16GB
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    The PenRecorderPro brand M60 Pen is packed with features at an affordable price point. The LCD screen and navigation buttons allow you to easily navigate, operate, and change settings. The pen is feature-packed, yet operation and recording is simple, just flip the switch on the side to start/stop recording. Choose between two recording modes, continuous or voice activation mode.

    The M60 voice recording pen makes the perfect companion for students, professionals, and gadget lovers. The built-in laser is perfect for presentations or for entertaining your cat. Load MP3 music files on the pen from your computer and use it like an iPod.

    Listening to your files is easy with the built-in speaker or headphone jack. Plug the pen in to any MAC or Windows computer to instantly listen to, transfer, or delete your recordings.

    The M60 Multimedia Pen is the most feature-packed voice recorder pen at the most affordable price point that we offer.

    Additional Resources

    Instruction Manual (PDF)

    Key Features

    OLED Screen
    Navigate the menu, change settings, and play recordings/music files. The screen will turn on when you start recording, but turns off while recording.

    Headphone Jack
    Plug the included earphones in and listen to files directly from the pen. You can plug speakers in if you would like.

    Laser Pointer
    Use as an all around business tool with the built-in laser pointer.

    Voice Activation (AVR on/off)
    The AVR setting in the menu turn on/off the voice activation function. Recording is paused when no sound is heard, but records when sound is detected.

    20 Hour Battery
    The built-in re-chargeable battery can record for up to 20 hours on one charge.

    MP3 Music Mode
    Load MP3 music files on the pen and use it like an iPod! You can even see the file name scrolling on the display.

    Built-in Speaker
    No need for headphone, you can listen to your audio files through the built-in speaker.

    HD Quality Audio
    Record in a range of quality ranging from 32kbps-384kbps. We recommend recording at 128kbps which is right at CD Quality.

    Easy Switch Operated Recording
    Flip the switch to start recording and flip back to stop.

    8GB or 16GB Memory
    The huge memory capacity options allow you to hold days worth of audio and allow plenty of space for MP3 music files.

    Mac & Windows
    Works universally with any computer or operating system.