1. MR80 Mini Clip Digital Voice Recorder

MR80 Mini Clip Digital Voice Recorder

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Voice Activation & Continuous Recording. Up to 72hr Battery. Small Clip Design
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The MR80 mini voice recorder can record up to 72 hours continuously with the extended battery pack (see images) or for up to 7 hours without the extended battery pack! It is super portable and has a removable clip that allows it to attach to clothing or other objects. The ultra powerful built-in microphone and the ability to plug in an external microphone sets this recorder apart from the rest.

Despite the small size of the MR80 you have many options to listen to what you have recorded; you can listen through the built-in speaker or plug in headphones/speakers. Also there is no extra software needed to transfer the recordings onto a computer, simply plug it in to any MAC or Windows computer and it will show up as a drive on your computer.

The microphone has three sensitivity settings and is powerful enough to record in a large lecture hall or can be used for close range recording while blocking out noises further away. Eliminate bulky tape recorders with this super small voice recorder!

Key Features

Voice Activation Mode
Eliminate dead space in your recordings or use for audio surveillance. Switch it to only record when there is sound! Even adjust the audio level threshold at which recording turns on.

Up to 72hr Battery
Use extended battery pack for up to 72hrs of continuous recording. Without the extended battery you get about 7hrs.

External Microphone Input
Plug an external microphone or phone call recording device into this recorder.

3 Microphone Sensitivity Modes
One of the most powerful microphones out of any recorder we sell. Optimize this recorder for close range or from further away you can set the microphone sensitivity to your preferred level.

8GB Memory
Plenty of space to store your recordings! Store up to 1152 hours or recordings!

Headphone Jack & Built-in Speaker
Listen through the built-in speaker or plug headphone/speakers in to listen to your recordings.

MP3 Format
Files are recorded in MP3 format and can easily be played back in iTunes, Windows Media Player, or loaded onto an iPod.

Clip Design
You can attach the included metal clip and fix it to clothing or other objects.

MAC & Windows
Works on any MAC or Windows computer. No software needed.