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Mergers and Acquisitions Security: Corporate Restructuring and Security Management 1st Edition

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In reaction to the continually changing business climate companies develop many business strategies to increase their competitiveness and improve profitability. Companies regularly reshape themselves continually exploring new markets and developing new products. When they can't expand into new markets or develop new products on their own, they seek alternatives. These alternatives include merging with or acquiring other companies to create a single more capable company. Companies acquire other companies for a wide variety of reasons. In some cases company survival may actually be the reason. What does this condition mean to the security professional? In the course of mergers and acquisitions, security plays a vital role in helping to make the endeavor successful. There are numerous titles on the business aspects of M&A such as the ones listed below. However, this unique book focuses on the role security plays in helping to make a merger, acquisition or divestiture successful. It addresses the fundamental security elements that are required to support the effort. In addition, it provides an integrated "how to" approach to implementing M&A security complete with methods and processes that have been quickly and cost-effectively implemented. 

- First book available that focuses on the role of the Security Manager in M&A 
- Case studies that highlight the role of the security manager; cases include both best practices as well as illustrations of nightmare examples of what NOT to do 
- Lead author is an expert that has participated in/managed security for more than 20 high-profile and large-scale acquisitions 
- Model processes, procedures, checklists, charts and sample forms all serve to ease immediate analysis and implementation in a merger or acquisition