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Ever wonder what it is really like to be a real private eye? Licensed Private Investigator Kimberly Hamilton shares some of her stories and cases from the past 18 years while conducting investigations, working as a bodyguard and serving legal documents in North Carolina. 

Her stories might not be what you would expect if you watch a lot of reality shows, television, and movies. Although many of her adventures are crazy, unbelievable and absolutely wild at times, some cases are very inspiring, heartwarming and guaranteed to create feel-good moments.

The stories are told with a great positive attitude, some wit and sarcasm, and a whole lot of humor. Kimberly believes that everyone has a story and goes beyond the initial investigation to uncover those stories to learn about the individuals themselves, the situations one can find themselves in and while also discovering her very own story as a female private investigator.

Kimberly Hamilton is a licensed Private Investigator and Certified Criminal Defense Investigator in North Carolina. She is also a Certified Business and Life Coach and has a passion for helping others overcome challenges in difficult times; setting and achieving personal and business goals; and sharing tools and resources on how to successfully manage motherhood and a career.

She currently sits on the Board of Directors for several local organizations and has served on several state association boards. 

Kimberly has five children, a handful of rescued pets and currently lives in Graham, North Carolina. She has written numerous articles for magazines, blogs, and other publications.