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Physical Evidence in Forensic Science

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This new edition of the classic by America's leading forensic scientists gives you an insider's understanding of physical evidence at the crime scene. Written in an easy-to-understand format, this outstanding guide by the nation's foremost forensic scientists introduces you to the basics of crime scene evaluation. This extensive resource is packed with valuable information about the details of collecting, storing, and analyzing all types of physical evidence. You'll learn how to connect the victim(s) and suspect(s) to the crime scene, and to the physical evidence left behind. The book also teaches you how to use this information to provide convincing testimony based on scientific facts. Discover if the police and prosecution have done their jobs properly when processing all crime scene materials. Part I offers an overview of forensic science and discusses the future path of forensic science and its applications in the courtroom and society. Part II gives you an exhaustive list of physical evidence typically left behind at crime scenes and explains the correct methods for processing this evidence. Part III discusses current issues in search and seizure, and how to effectively utilize it in court. The appendices discuss common blood screening test reagents and how to use the druggist's fold for sealing evidence in paper.Details often make the difference between winning and losing that important case. This in-depth reference also provides a wealth of details regarding: light and smoke at the crime scene, bullet identification, the difference between transient and pattern evidence, noting post-mortem lividity marks and other special imprints and indentations, how odors offer clues to the crime, studying dry versus wet blood samples, how to reconstruct a crime scene, and most importantly how to recognize and co-ordinate all the elements of the crime scene. Written by the foremost experts in the field of forensic science, you will learn from the best how to make your investigation solid and successful. Topics include: Physical evidence and forensic science Introduction to forensic science Arson Bite marks Blood and Body fluids Bombs and explosives Computers and electronic data as evidence Chemical substances Crime scene reconstruction DNA analyses Documents Drugs and controlled substances Firearms Fibers Fingerprints Glass Gunshot residue Hair Imprint and impression evidence Fingerprints Paints Pattern evidence Plastics Sexual assault and sex crime evidence Soil Tape Toolmarks Video evidence Voice identification Legal aspects of forensic science Some screening test reagents The druggist's fold