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Pocket Traffic Accident Reconstruction Guide

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Pocket Traffic Accident Reconstruction Guide
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As a traffic accident investigator or re-constructionist, you probably have the common speed and sliding formulas memorized. However, there likely are formulas out there that you haven’t committed to memory. It’s not practical to carry around a large textbook to every accident scene, having some type of reference can make our job easier. 

That is why the Pocket Traffic Accident Reconstruction Guide was created.

Timothy Stabb, the author, created the Pocket Traffic Accident Reconstruction Guide to be an easy to use reference for anyone investigating a traffic accident. The guide is a pocket-sized booklet containing over eighty equations to compute vehicle velocity/speeds, distance, time acceleration rates and more. Designed to fit in a shirt pocket, day planner or briefcase, this handy guide also contains a glossary of traffic collision terms, a list of helpful websites, a table of roadway friction coefficient values and a conversion multiplier.


  • Acceleration/Deceleration Rate Acceleration/Deceleration Table
  • Airborne Projectile Motion
  • Center of Gravity/Mass
  • Conservation of Momentum
  • Conversion Table
  • Critical Speed Scuff/Yaw
  • Distance Drag/Acceleration Factor (g)
  • Friction Coefficients Table
  • Glossary
  • Grade
  • Kinetic Energy
  • Low-Speed, Rear-End Impact
  • Pedestrian Impact
  • Pedestrian Sliding/Tumbling Friction
  • Principal Direction of Force
  • Right-handed Coordinate System
  • Radius of a Circle
  • Rollover/RotatingVehicle Friction
  • Speed from Damage (Vehicle)
  • Speed from Pole or Tree Impact
  • Speed/Velocity Change (delta-v)
  • Time
  • Vehicle Model Year from VIN
  • Vehicles Equipped with Event Data Recorders (EDR)
  • Velocity
  • Websites for Accident Reconstruction

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