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Pre-Surveillance & Pre-Vigilancia (Surveillance Situations, Volume 1) Paperback

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This Pre-Surveillance training manual is the first in a series (Surveillance Situations Volumes 1-4) which you are sure to find insightful. This, the first volume, details the steps and processes which have helped the author grow from a sole agent, to a staffed agency, and satisfy the needs of even the most demanding of all clients. This manual is essentially a step by step guide for many types of cases, such as workers compensation claims investigations, home buyer inquiries, domestic and infidelity matters, child custody and alimony issues, stalking, harrassment and illicit drug activities, as well as many, many, more. You will understand what is important at the time of case intake, such as budget constraints, documentation, client protocol, pre-texts, mobile-tails, equioment, vehicles, and other important considerations before conducting any surveillance. Gain exclusive use of proven forms, and learn how to build case files like a multi-million dollar detective agency, in less than 30 minutes. Additionally, throughout the text tare special segments identified as Surveillance Situations, in which the author relates the componenets of the pre-surveillance process to actual cases. This presents unique opportunities to understand the real value of the pre-surveillance processes. This surveillance training manual is the first of its kind to identify, breakdown, and then demonstrate how a contemporary private investigator prepares for a surveillance assignment. It is multimedia friendly, and incorporates the use of the internet, and the optional DVD. It is dual language, printed in both English and Spanish. Purpose: not only to broaden the reader market, but to act as a language learning tool for the contemporary investigator. There is a fifteen (15) question Text Review, to measure acquired knowledge. You should find this exam most challenging in the alternate language version. (132 pages, 8 1/2" x 11")