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Professional Touch Screen HD DVR

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A professional grade handheld DVR with a built in touch screen monitor. Connect your camera to this HD touch screen DVR and receive high resolution, long-term recording capabilities equipped with a collection of additional recording features.
Part Number: DVR1105
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Cover all your storage needs with the only hand held DVR now 36% lighter. 

  • More resolution and more memory than any handheld DVR system
  • 5 inch touch screen LCD display
  • Support 128G SD Card
  • High-definition 1080p video with up to six adjustable resolution settings
  • Fully customizable on-board user menu
  • Video Recording and Photo Capture
  • Multiple recording modes
  • Battery power from the DVR supplies electricity to your camera
  • Adjustable frame rate
  • Time/Date stamped video files
  • Tamper-Proof Frame Counter
  • Lock down video evidence with multi-layer password protection
  • Pre-Event Recording
  • Documentary Log File 
  • LawMate # PV1000Lite


Best uses: Law Enforcement, Loss prevention experts, PI, whenever you need a portable video recorder

Made by LawMate a trusted brand for Law Enforcement for over 15 years!

*Note: Please do not use DC 5V/2A charger to charge PV-1000 Lite. It may cause damage to the device