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Public Safety and Security Administration 1st Edition

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Public Safety and Security Administration addresses public safety and security from a holistic and visionary perspective. For the first time, safety and security organizations, as well as their administration, are brought together into an integrated work.

The protection of persons and property involves many public agencies and priivate organizations. Entities from the criminal jutics system (law enforcement, courts, corrections) as well as the fire service, private security and hazardous materials all contribute to public safety and security. This book addresses these entities, as well as safety and security issues, from a holistic and visionary perspective. It addresses criminal and non-criminal safety and security concerns, provides an overview of each entity (component) of the system of public safety and security, presents an overview of the administration process involved in planning, organizing, managing and evaluating public safety and security organizations and describes collateral functions of investigations, documentation and report writing.

Public safety and security organizations should not work in isolation. Rather, they should collaborate to protect persons and property. This book represents the first time all the public safety and security entities have been addressed in one text.

  • Focuses on the theories, concepts, practices and problems related to the present and future of public safety and security
  • Examines different strategies for problem solving which personnel working in the field may utilize
  • Synthesizes college-level lectures prepared, presented, and updated by the author over the past twenty years