1. SL200 Multimedia Slim Recorder Pen

SL200 Multimedia Slim Recorder Pen

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The SL200 voice recorder pen is the best of both style and functionality. It features an LCD screen
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Packed With Features & LCD Screen But Still Sleek & Professional


The SL200 voice recorder pen is the best of both style and functionality. It has a slim sleek professional design but is packed with features. The included wired remote control and earphones allow you to playback your recordings directly from the pen. It features an LCD screen which displays filename, playback time, battery life, menu, recording quality, and more. The LCD screen blacks out while in use in order to maintain a professional look.

This pen is perfect for recording lectures because it has a very powerful microphone. The ALC (automatic level control) automatically adjusts the microphone power depending on how far away the sound source is. It has continuous recording mode, or voice activation mode.

With four recording quality settings, the SL200 allows to increase or decrease sound quality which will also effect max recording time. It features PCM quality which is pure un-compressed broadcast quality sound, for most uses XHQ mode is perfect. On the lowest quality setting this pen will hold up to 130 hours of audio! Compare the SL200 to our other voice recorder pens.

Additional Resources

Instruction Manual (PDF)

Key Features

Broadcast Quality Audio
Pure un-compressed audio recording mode for those who require the purest quality audio.

Voice Activation & Continuous Record Modes
In addition to Continuous recording, it has the ability to start recording when sound is detected and pause the recording when there is no sound.

LCD Screen & Menu System
Navigate the menu to change settings. View remaining battery, record time, & quality modes while operating. Screen goes blank while recording.

Headphone Jack
Listen to your recordings directly from the pen with headphones or speakers using the wired remote control; start/stop/pause/FF/REW with the remote control

1GB Memory
Fit up to 130hrs of audio in LP quality mode.

Switch Operated
No confusion with buttons or indicator lights. Slide the switch to start/stop recording.

4 Quality Modes
PCM Broadcast Quality(705kbps), XHQ(128kbps) (recommended), HQ(32kbps), LP(16kbps).

Slim & Light
Sleek, slim and discreet design. LCD screen blacks out while recording.

13 Hour Battery
Get up to 13hrs of battery life on one charge.

Plug & Play Simplicity
Fully compatible with Windows and Mac. simply plug it into your USB port and you re ready to roll.