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Sun 420

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Compatible with the DV950A or the DV4GA DVR units; No batteries - powered by DVR
Part Number: SUN420
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  • The SUN420 is a pair of sunglasses with a hidden camera in the frames. These sunglasses are great for spying because theyre compact, lightweight, and portable. Youll be ready to film wherever you go. Wear at an event or special occasion to leave your hands free for food and handshakes. People will act more natural than if you were lugging around bulky camcorder. Capture important moments just by turning your head. Film your hike vacation or road trip. Remember everything the way you saw it⠬ the beautiful scenery special moments with family or a lovely sunrise outside the window of an airplane. This is a fun gadget you dont want missing from your collection.
  • Covert and awesome. Wearing sunglasses is cool. Wearing sunglasses that look this good and also can record digital video is even cooler. Now you can get a record of what really happens with someone right down to the expression on their face without anyone ever knowing.
  • Quality video. Capable of capturing 30 frames per second at 640 x 480 resolution. They can connect to a DVR for a variety of storage options. Be sure to check out either the Pocketdvrlite units that we carry for use with this item!
  • Versatile. This top-of-the-line product isnt limited to use on sunny days. They also come with clear lenses to be used in less bright conditions. And theyve got a spare pair of tinted lenses just in case.
  • A separate DVR is required for this device.