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TRACING MISSING HEIRS How To Make A Fortune Locating Missing Heirs For Estates And Probate Courts

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This field training manual, legal reference guide and computer resource disk hands you the latest tips, strategies and techniques on conducting a field surveillance assignment from pre-surveillance activity to writing the final report.

Although only a handful of professional investigators have discovered the opportunity, missing heirs tracing is a unique investigative specialization that can be and often is extremely profitable. In fact, up until the publication of this manual, a code of silence appears to exist on information concerning how to go about entering the missing heirs tracing profession and the techniques on locating and collecting missing heirs claims. This manual reveals and exposes the code of silence that has surrounded missing heirs tracing and reveals both the investigative techniques and business operational procedures to make missing heirs tracing on of the most lucrative areas of tracing any professional investigator can easily get into. Many missing heirs tracers are easily making $100,000 per year plus and this manual arms you with the inside knowledge needed to get started.

Missing Heirs Tracing involves research done at various country probate courts for selection of cases you choose, the location of the missing heir, obtaining signed contracts with the missing heirs you find and collection of the probate claim. What makes this investigative specialization so profitable is that cases are easy to obtain and the location of the missing heir usually involves simple investigative steps but the typical finder's fee missing heirs tracers collect is ten to thirty-three percent of estates that are many times worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.